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We combine fast nationwide 4G LTE cell service with the power of WiFi for talk and text, more coverage, and incredible savings.

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Text from any device—free for Republic Wireless members. Learn More

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If, for any reason, you decide Republic isn't for you, ship us your undamaged phone within 14 days for a full refund on your device and service. It's a smartphone with a safety-net. Simple as that. For more details, check out our Return and Replacement Policy.

How we do it.

By using WiFi for talk and text in addition to cell, we're able to save you money and provide extra coverage in the places cell can't always reach. From your home, to your office, to your favorite coffee shop, and even abroad – we offer coverage beyond just cell towers anywhere there is WiFi and super affordable plans to go with it. Learn more.

We believe savings belong to our members

Our goal is lofty: To be less of a phone company and more of a phone community. If you're into transparency, honesty, collaboration and trust, come join Republic.

David and Stephanie

"When you find something good you want to tell people. It's such an easy and smart choice to make." Read David & Stephanie's Story

Julie and Matt

"Being on such affordable plans, we're probably close to one-third the price we would pay at Verizon." Read Julie & Matt's Story


"Everyone else was putting their phone up to the window and I had mine always active." Read Tanner's Story

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Connect where you are, on any device, with Republic Anywhere.

  • Check and send messages from your tablet*, computer, and other devices
  • Works even when your phone is off, damaged, or lost
  • Messages sync automatically to your phone
  • Never miss an important message again

And it’s free for all Republic Wireless members.

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