A better way to connect

A better way to connect

Plans that pay you back for what you don’t use + phones engineered to work seamlessly across multiple networks.
All for an average of $13.822 a month.

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At Republic Wireless, we pay you back for the cell data that you don’t use every month. Dollar for dollar.

The more you tap into the WiFi that's all around you, the more you save.

We’ve set you up for success with built-in data-saving tools that can dramatically reduce your dependence on expensive cell networks to help you save effortlessly.

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Our patented hybrid calling experience combines the power of cell and WiFi to offer you more coverage, in more places, for less money.

Republic calls can be passed seamlessly from WiFi to cell, and back from cell to WiFi, depending on which network your phone recognizes as having the better connection for a great, clear phone call.

Connect to trusted hotspots as you discover them and build your network.

We’ve partnered with the team at Motorola to bring you best-in-class Android phones with our patented hybrid cell + WiFi calling technology built right in.

Our phones work harder on your behalf to actively sniff out and more easily connect to open WiFi networks, meaning more coverage and more ways to save on your precious cell data.

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Don’t just take it from us

“It is becoming possible to stay connected to a Wi-Fi network almost all the time. This means that wireless plans can be much cheaper—not a great sign for such companies as Verizon and AT&T.”

—Bloomberg Business

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“Customers rated Republic Wireless higher overall than AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile.”

—PC Mag

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“This is a drastic departure from how the wireless industry has operated in recent years.”


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“Republic is disrupting the landscape of cellular providers and doing consumers a huge favor in providing this service.”

—Cash Cow Couple, Personal Finance Blog

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“This is the fifth cell phone carrier I have tried in the past five years and none of the others have been this simple.”

—Modern Defrag, Personal Finance Blog

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“The high price of wireless has changed and Republic Wireless is bringing their innovative approach along for the ride.”

—Debt Roundup, Personal Finance Blog

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Bloomberg Business
PC Readers Choice
Modern Defrag
Debt Roundup

Republic Wireless engages in periodic and routine public relations activities with the blogging community and offers demo phones and three months of service on request for the purpose of reviews. The personal finance bloggers quoted above work independently of Republic Wireless, and all opinions and views expressed are their own.

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