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The Moto E (2nd Gen.) with 4G LTE provides budget-conscious folks with more options for a no compromise smartphone. Enjoy all the great new, easy to use features of Android™ Lollipop® 5.1 in a bold and colorful experience.


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qI've got a better phone, with the same coverage, on the same network for half the price.o

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qA lot of my friends still have flip phones and are still paying three times as much as I am.o

— John, another valued member.

qWith Republic Wireless, we were able to shave $100 off of what we pay for cell phone service.o

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Moto E (Black) (2nd Gen.) Moto E (White) (2nd Gen.)

(2nd Gen.)

Moto E (2nd Gen.) Specs:

  • 3G + 4G LTE Data
  • 8GB Internal Memory with removable storage options
  • Android™ Lollipop® 5.1
  • 5MP Tap-to-Focus Camera
  • 4.5" qHD Display
  • Black, White with removable Motorola Bands
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Moto X (Black) (2nd Gen.) Moto X (White) (2nd Gen.)

(2nd Gen.)

Moto X (2nd Gen.) Specs:

  • 3G + 4G LTE Data
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • Android™ Lollipop® 5.1
  • 13MP Tap-to-Focus Camera
  • 5.2" AMOLED Full HD Display
  • Black, White or Design Your Own
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