Superb Performance.
Stunning Price.

The Moto G (1st Gen.) lets you multitask with the best of them. Watch, text, browse and chat on a crystal clear 4.5 inch LCD HD display, starting at less than $150. No wonder it's our all-time top-selling phone.


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Smartphone service shouldn’t give you a headache.

With WiFi + cellular coverage, flexible no-contract plans and a community of members just like you, this is the way smartphone service should be.

Republic Wireless Moto X
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Cell and WiFi

Smart Coverage

In your basement, at your office building, on the road - we’ve got you covered.

You know those nationwide cellular coverage maps? Imagine adding a pin point for every free WiFi spot in the world. That’s the potential of your coverage in the Republic.

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Change plans on the fly


Change your plan when your plans change.

You should be free to do what you want, when you want. With no catch, no contract and no jargon.

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We’re looking for members, not customers.

Our goal is lofty: To be less of a phone company and more of a phone community. If you’re into transparency, honesty, collaboration and trust, come join the Republic.

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qWith the money I'm saving now, I'm able to go on vacations to see my family.o

— Corrie, another valued member.

qI've got a better phone, with the same coverage, on the same network for half the price.o

— Tom, another valued member.

qA lot of my friends still have flip phones and are still paying three times as much as I am.o

— John, another valued member.

qWith Republic Wireless, we were able to shave $100 off of what we pay for cell phone service.o

— Michael, another valued member.

Our network is powered by you. And you. And you. And you…

Brillaint WiFi

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My Republic Story
  • "It’s not just pricing - with its WiFi-only route, Republic really is doing things differently." Read more

  • "This is a game-changer." Read more

  • "...I find the Republic Wireless experience to be flawless when I'm on WiFi. The call quality is great and the data is lightning fast." Read more

  • "I believe there are a lot of consumers like me, who are tired of making the equivalent of a car payment every month to use a wireless phone. For us, Republic is the best deal to come along in years." Read more

Sometimes, you only realize the destination once you're actually on the way. That's how it's been for all of us here at Republic Wireless. In the beginning, all we wanted was to find a smartphone service that we could afford…

So it’s November 2011, and we’re super excited. We’re opening the store at midnight and we hope to sell all 500 beta phones. And within 24 hours, we had 100,000 people sign up. 100,000. We knew we were on to something and we knew it was big.

There was a network waiting for a solution like ours to happen. And that network is your network. That network is my network. And sometimes, the answers are just right in front of you.

Choose how you'll save.

Moto G

Moto G   (1st Gen.)

Moto G Specs:

  • 3G Data
  • 8GB or 16GB Internal Memory
  • Android™ KitKat® 4.4.4
  • 5MP Tap-to-Focus Camera
  • 4.5" LCD HD Display
  • Black with optional colored shells
More Information Accessories
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  Ships in 2-3 days Ships in 1-2 weeks

4.4 1 1 1 1 1 ( 3,959 )
Moto X 2nd Gen Moto X 2nd Gen

Moto X 2nd Gen   (2nd Gen.)

Moto X Specs:

  • 3G + 4G LTE Data
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • Android™ KitKat® 4.4.4
  • 13MP Tap-to-Focus Camera
  • 5.2" AMOLED Full HD Display
  • Black, White or Design Your Own
More Information Accessories 32GB available Build Yours
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  Ships in 2-3 days Ships in 1-2 weeks

4.4 1 1 1 1 1 ( 386 )

Plans so good, they're making other plans go back to planning.

Things change. So why pay for more than you need when they do? Change your plan up to twice per billing cycle. Because, hey, life happens.

WiFi Only


Per Month


Unlimited talk / text / data over WiFi.

The Republic Plan


Per Month

WiFi and Cell

Unlimited talk / text over WiFi + Cell.

Unlimited data over WiFi.

Republic + 3G


Per Month

WiFi and 3g

Unlimited talk / text over WiFi + Cell.

Unlimited data over WiFi + On-Network 3G.*

Republic + 4G


Per Month

WiFi and 4g

Unlimited talk/text over WiFi + Cell.

Unlimited data over WiFi + On-Network 4G.*