Adaptive Coverage

We've built a smarter network - engineered to save you money. Adaptive Coverage technology is our unique approach for maximum voice quality and coverage. This patented tech continuously uses data packets to bond WiFi with your phone's 3G or 4G LTE data networks when WiFi strength is degraded. Republic's highly optimized handover algorithms can seamlessly switch calls between WiFi and cell voice networks, including cellular voice roaming. This intelligent automation creates the effect of a single enhanced network, built on our core value of offering the best possible smartphone coverage at the lowest price. And treating people fairly, like people.

WiFi to Cell Handover

WiFi to Cell

Use WiFi when it’s available and seamlessly move to cell whenever it’s not, for more coverage and more savings.

Cell to WiFi Handover

Cell to WiFi

Start your call on cell and switch to WiFi when in range of a saved network without missing a beat.

Bonded Calling

Bonded Calling®

Catch dropped calls before they happen. We continuously "patch" your call with the best of WiFi, 3G, or 4G LTE data networks, so you never notice any call quality issues. Learn more.

Voice Roaming

Voice Roaming

With hundreds of voice roaming partners in areas with low cell coverage, you’re free to move around at no additional service cost.