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Press Box: July 2015

Each month, we take a look at what all the cool kids are saying about us on the Internet. July was a good one! Check out all the latest news about us below:
  • Just in case you missed it: Republic Wireless upped the ante one more time. In a nod to our technical innovation and money saving ways, Fortune magazine notes that it is Upstart mobile operators that are pushing mobile data pricing limits. In an industry first, Republic Refund plans pay you back for any and all unused data. That’s right, with Republic , you’ll never, ever, ever, pay for more than you actually use. Will this take off and change the industry as we know it? It’s early days yet, but with companies like Google following in our footsteps with Project Fi, things are looking promising. Read more to learn what some of our favorite tech gurus, Android enthusiasts and bloggers have to say: ZDNet, ReCode, PCMag, Android Police, Phone Dog, Android Authority, Android Central, Toms Hardware and ChipChick.
  • Project Salsa is officially served. In another industry first, Republic continues to push the boundaries of what’s been possible with seamless calling. While WiFi to cellular has been available since the launch of the Moto X in 2013, making a call over the cellular network back to WiFi has been a top request in our Think Tank. Our engineers took up the challenge. As CNET outlines, Project Salsa is a customer driven trial testing reverse handover.
  • BTW – We don’t believe in “kinda-a / sort-a” or “maybe-if-you-are-lucky-and-you’re-connected-to-a -VoLTE cellular-network” kind of seamless connectivity. Without getting too techie on you, our engineers invented the ability to place calls in the cloud and the ability to decide within fractions of a second which network to use. The bottom line - 100% seamless connectivity, regardless of the network is no easy feat. We hold some 25+ patents protecting our engineer’s awesomeness.
  • Will mobile screens turn your kids brain into mush? The truth is we don’t really know, hence the adage of “everything in moderation.” It’s the rule that Steve Jobs recounted to The New York Times: "We limit how much technology our kids use at home." It’s an idea our CEO, David Morken, father of six, thinks is very smart.
  • Mama always said it isn’t nice to swear, but we understand the heat is on! While the “Big 4” continue to battle it out with the confusing plan or the promotion of the day, Consumer Reports reminds us in all the self-induced industry mayhem that when it comes to pricing, the winners are small carriers like Republic Wireless.
  • We’re not so sure the end is near. In some ways we feel like the party is just getting started. Stay tuned for lots more. Our engineers are hard at work putting finishing touches on several exciting technical firsts – all designed to help you save as much as possible.
  • And last but not least, a big shout out to some awesome bloggers … looking forward to seeing y’all at FinCon 2015!
  • Ben Luthi, oh how we love you! Proud Dad, blogger and now reporter, Ben is the former owner of The Wealth Gospel and now writer for the uber popular personal finance site NerdWallet .
  • Grayson Bell pays attention to details and is the awesome blogger behind Thanks Grayson so much for continuing to follow our latest moves.
  • Food is definitely on my mind – a shout out to The Frugal Farmer! Lovingly written by Laurie, The Frugal Farmer is all about finding ways to cut down on what you spend to care for your family and learning to be more self-sufficient in all aspects of life.
  • Can’t resist – there is nothing “crumby” about Tiffany’s review of Republic Wireless here! Don’t waste the crumbs is a great little blog that is typically about eating great food and living healthier. Thanks for the detour Tiffany to explore life with Republic Wireless. Maybe her next segment will explore her favorite grocery saving apps??
That's it for July! Tune in next month for more featured news. P.S. If you are a reporter or blogger and want to get in touch – email us at, and we’ll be back in touch pronto.