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Five Apps to Help Your Financial Fitness

  It’s tax season (yuck). But we’ve got five apps to help with you with your financial fitness and have you seeing green.
  • Splitwise - We first started using this app on our recent cross-country roadtrip. It makes keeping track of what you owe your friends a breeze. Whenever you pay for something - like gas for the car, or dinner - you can just put the total into Splitwise, select whomever you want to split the bill with, and it takes care of all the math. You can group what you owe into events to make expenses easy to find, and it shows you exactly how much everybody owes at the end.
  • Square Cash - This is by far the easiest way to send money these days. Ever been to a food truck and swiped your card on the little white square plugged into their phone or tablet? Same company. If you need to send or receive cash fast, all you have to do is plug in the amount and then the person on the other end accepts. They don’t even need the app themselves. The whole transfer takes literal minutes.
  • Mint Bills (Formerly Check.Me) - Mint is just great. They are pros when it comes to sending you personalized financial information and letting you know exactly what your finances look like at any given moment. We first started using this app to send digital checks to people, but now, we really appreciate the emails the app auto-sends to alert us if we’re going over budget, or if we just got paid!
  • Turbo Tax - If you’ve never tried Turbo Tax, you should really consider giving it a shot. The easy-to-understand steps walk you through all the ins and outs of your taxes, lets you know if you’re in danger of being audited, and offers tips on how to avoid it. So far, this is the fastest method we've used for getting our tax return into our bank account. Everything is submitted to your State and Federal IRS divisions digitally, you can save a secure digital copy for yourself, and be done with worrying about taxes till next year.
  • Home Budget Manager - This app helps you keep your budget from a bird’s eye view in a simple, graphical, layout. Need to know how many bills you have coming up, or need to export your budget to a spreadsheet? You can do it all right from your phone.
These are apps we use in our day-to-day to help us keep up with our cash. Try ‘em out and who knows, by this time next year, you might have some tips to give us!