Introducing Diania - Republic Member and Financial Enthusiast

Hi! I’m Diania, a fellow Republic Wireless user and pursuer of financial independence.  I switched to Republic Wireless while I was working towards getting out of debt and never looked back!

Just a few years ago, I was $30k in debt, living in NYC and stuck in a cycle of mindless spending.  I managed to squash that debt, started saving and investing about 60% of my income, and am now on track to be financially independent before I’m 40 years old.  So how did I do it?


I took a look at all the areas where I was spending money and used my creativity to find more resourceful ways to get my needs met. Rather than paying $80 a month for my internet service, I shared my password with my downstairs neighbors and we split the bill.  Rather than filling my closet with brand new clothes, I hosted clothing exchanges with my friends and benefited from their fashionable hand me downs. I kicked my $100 cell phone bill to the curb and switched to Republic Wireless. Whenever I felt the need to spend money, I first asked myself – is this really a need or is this more of a want?  Are there less expensive options? Can I borrow what I need from a friend? Can I buy it used? Self-imposed restriction and frugality improved my life in almost every way. Not only was I able to save money, I also deepened my connections with the community around me. Resourcefulness became much more satisfying than mindless consumption and enabled me to get out of that $30k of debt in just 11 months!


Every Sunday, I plan out my meals for the week, go food shopping, and cook up a storm!  Not only am I saving money and time, I’m also giving myself more mental bandwidth to focus on other things by removing any uncertainty or decision making on what I’m going to eat.  When meal times come, I just skip over to the fridge and grab a tupperware full of healthy, satisfying food that I made myself! Many people believe that it’s not worth the effort to cook for 1, but I’m living proof that it is possible and so worth it.  


It’s common knowledge that we spend most of our money on the big three: housing, transportation and food.  While in NYC, I learned that by cooking every meal I ate, I could get my food costs down to about $50 per week.  But housing and transportation were still eating up a big portion of my income. The solution? I moved to Cincinnati!  I was fortunate enough to negotiate a remote working arrangement with my employer. Now my housing costs are 1/3 what they were in NYC and my transportation costs are non existent since I work from home.  According to The Bureau of Economic Analysis regional price parity (RPP) index, the relative cost of living in Cincinnati is the lowest among all major metros in the country.  

I got a lot of inspiration on my debt free journey from the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early) and I’d love to share more of what I’ve learned with you!  Join me in Cincinnati on March 7, 2020 for The EconoMe Conference! This full day event brings together 9 leading experts from the FIRE movement for a series of provocative talks about financial independence.  Attendees can expect 2 sessions of engaging speakers, a screening of the new documentary Playing with FIRE, networking with financially minded individuals, and a rockin’ after party.  

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