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The 5 Best Apps to Help Organize Your Phone

Organization Apps

One thing that I never take time to do is sort through my apps. I have the general categories my phone gave me to start (utilities, photos, etc.) but once I download a new app I never put it in the right category. Pages and pages of apps later, it’s time for a solution. If your phone looks like mine did, check out these awesome app-organizing apps.

1. JINA: App Drawer, Sidebar & Folder Organizer

  • Automatic app organizer
  • Organizes apps by usage frequency, size, name, etc.
  • Sidebar for easy multitasking
  • Easily share apps
  • Searches for apps quickly
  • Customizable app drawer replacement

The best part of this app is the ability it gives you for customization. JINA makes adding folders and customizing them so easy. By being able to change the colors and icons of the folders enhances my ability to find what I need without having to spend much time searching.  

2. App Drawer by Radsoft

  • A simple, easy-to-use alternative to your phone’s default app drawer
  • Offers a light and dark theme • Automatically begins in search mode
  • Ability to change search filter behavior
  • Ability to save frequently-used search terms 

3. Quick Drawer by Softonic

  • Gives you the ability to find the apps you need fast
  • Contains three smart layouts including last used apps, frequently used apps, and apps by alphabetical order.
  • Does not modify or alter any part of your Android phone


The previous two apps are both intended to keep things simple. Both look a bit different, but their abilities are nearly the same and they both accomplish the same goal: to be an app drawer. The only real difference I can tell is the ability to change the theme and use a search bar in the App Drawer where it seems you cannot in Quick Drawer. These two apps are great if you are someone who isn’t looking for a whole lot of customization but wants a simple, easy to use app drawer.  

4. Categories - App Organizer

  • Easily navigate through categories
  • Automatically organizes your launchable apps into categories
  • Ability to personalize structure by creating or modifying existing categories
  • Sorts by recently used, most used, recently installed, or last updated


My personal favorite way to organize my apps is by most used. I tend to use the same apps multiple times a day, day after day. Having them at my fingertips immediately makes it so much more convenient to find the apps I need.  

5. EverythingMe Launcher

  • Automatically organizes apps into folders you choose
  • Tracks top contacts for easy messaging/calling
  • Prediction bar to give you the app you need when you need it
  • Search bar to easily find any app
  • Ability to customize
  • App discovery tool finds new apps you’ll love


What’s really cool about the EverythingMe Launcher is not only its ability to categorize your apps for you, but it also predicts what app you will need, sometimes even before you need it!

Keep in mind, though, that it is a launcher and therefore has permissions to change your phone. This particular launcher is one very popular one along with the Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher and many others! All launchers are created to help you customize your Android phone exactly how you want it.

All launchers come with some form of app drawer or another and each with their own specialized capabilities. When looking into keyboards, take a close look at what else the launcher has to offer before hitting download. Though easily deletable, no one wants to go through the hassle. Check out this article by Android Central on the best launchers.

Six aspects of your life should now be improved by these top organizing apps for Android:

6. You should find that by organizing your apps, you can find what you’re looking for much more quickly… and hopefully freeing up some space on your phone by eliminating those unused apps!

Thanks for sticking around for all six blogs! I hope you will use some of these blogs to help organize and simplify your daily life. These apps sure did help me, and I hope they do the same for you. If you’ve tried any of these apps in the past, comment below about your experience! Do you know of any other great app-organizing apps? Post it here for others. Have another category of apps you want to see in the future? Leave those in the comments as well and another blog post will be on its way!