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Low Phone Storage? Try Adding Memory With a New SD Card

If you currently own a smartphone, you may not know that you have the ability to add extra storage to your phone – just by adding a microSD storage card. Not only does that benefit extend your phone investment – it also opens up loads of new possibilities for you to enjoy more music, photos, videos, apps and other media.


Shoot as many pictures as you like and edit later. Or don’t. With an extra SD card, you’ll be able to avoid those pesky storage space warnings – and get more fun and use out of your camera.

Videos & Movies

With more storage space, you’ll never have to miss out on capturing the live-action moments that matter. And if you travel often or just have a long commute, your phone will be able to hold more movies and TV shows to help you pass the time more enjoyably.


Having a library of digital music that fits in your pocket is great. But having the ability to add new songs, genres and styles – on a daily basis – is downright decadent. More storage means more room to explore whatever music feels right at the moment, without having to delete your favorite songs in order to make space.


Everyone has a set of go-to apps they use every day. But with more storage space, you’ll have the freedom to explore new options, try out new apps and find new ways to have fun, connect with others, stay informed and be productive.


Do you regularly open email attachments from work? Scan documents in order to send them as a PDF? With more storage space to work with, you’ll have more capabilities to take care of business. And installing a microSD card in your phone couldn’t be easier.

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