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How to Make Your Phone Faster in 5 Steps

To ensure your phone is working at it’s best, it’s important to clean out all the stuff you don’t use. We’ve complied our 5 best tips for keeping your phone squeaky clean, and we’ll show you how to do each in 17 seconds or less!

1. Clear Your Phone Cache

Your phone’s cache is like a sentimental mate that saves all the cards you give them and the books you’ve read. If you’re in a long term relationship, this sweet gesture can turn into clutter. 

2. Remove Old Apps

Storage space running out? If you have old, rusty, apps on your phone that you always skip past, get rid of them. Not only will they free up space for apps you’ll actually use, they’re out of your way so you can find your favorite apps quicker.

Note: Pre-installed apps can be disabled, but not removed. For a list of preinstalled apps check our Community.

3. Update Apps

Not updating your apps is like skipping an episode of Breaking Bad. You’re missing out on A LOT, new features, a fresh new look, and updates that improve performance. 

4. Update Phone Software

You wouldn’t wear your wool peacoat in 95 degree weather would you? Well, your phone software should be in season too. (Oh, and even if you would wear a coat in Summer, update your software!) 

5. Remove Photos/Videos

When you’ve taken 20 photos of the same pose for your teenager’s first prom out of excitement (or just to get every angle of their date... just in case), delete the extras. Or, move them over to your computer. 

Bonus Tip :

If your phone has the option for a SD card, moving your apps along with your photos and music to the card is another handy way to save space.

For the Fearless:

Factory reset. Richard, from the Republic Wireless Help team, performs a factory reset on his phone every 3 months to make sure it’s always in tip top shape! Always remember to backup your information if you decide to perform a factory reset. All videos were shot on a Moto X (2nd gen.) with Lollipop