Smartphone service shouldn’t have to cost a lot. Now it doesn’t.

Straightforward, affordable cell phone plans with no hidden fees or surprises.

All our plans include

No Contracts
Fastest Network
Highest Satisfaction

Your data goes farther at Republic

Add up to 10GB of cell data and, of course, all the WiFi data you can handle. Our patented tech automatically offloads as much as possible to WiFi when available, which saves cell data for the times you really need it.

Handover Cell Data

Better coverage and call quality with Adaptive Coverage

We don't just use cell towers for calls and texts. Our Adaptive Coverage technology, with Bonded Calling and included voice roaming, will automatically blend your calls over available WiFi and your phone's 3G and 4G LTE* cellular data networks together for more, low cost, coverage in places cell can't always reach - like your basement or garage.

*Requires 4G LTE compatible phone.

Change your plan when your plans change

Add more cell data when you need it – right from the Republic app on your phone. There are never any overages or hidden fees if you “hit your limit.” Upgrades only cost the difference between your old plan and the new plan you choose.

If you ever want to switch to a lower wireless plan, you can do that too for your next billing cycle.

Change your Plan

Ready to go? Start by selecting a phone.

Get the leading Android phones with best-in-class plan pricing, enabled with Adaptive Coverage - only at Republic.

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What We Do

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About Our Phones

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About our technology

About Our Technology

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