Here's how we do it.

  • Its simple

    To us, it's simple.

    You deserve better service. And you deserve to be treated fairly while you get it. We're in this together.

    We started
    with a belief.

  • We started with a belief

    We started with a belief.

    Back in 2011, we had a hunch that the WiFi connections you already use could be optimized for so much more than just Internet, like smartphone service to keep your costs down. Turns out we were right.

    To us, it's simple.

    The answer.

  • The answer

    The answer?

    WiFi when it's there, cell when it's not. It all adds up to more coverage, for less money, and an unprecedented smartphone experience.

    We started
    with a belief.

    We listen.

  • We listen

    We listen.

    We did it by working with our members. It's why we launched our service in BETA first. Our success comes from your suggestions and is why we strive to offer a selection of phones to fit anyone's lifestyle.

    The answer.

    We test.

  • We test

    We test.

    If a solution doesn't exist, we'll invent one to get us there. Invention is in our DNA. The flow of ideas that come through our hack-a-thons and the Think Tank help us continue to innovate and get even better with new tools and technologies like our seamless WiFi to Cell Calling.

    We listen.

    We learn.

  • We learn

    We learn...

    a lot. And keep getting better. If something looks broken, we're going to fix it - especially if it means treating people right. It's where ideas and solutions to industry-wide issues like MMS, shortcodes, and on-device activation came from. We innovate to add value to people's lives and help you stay better connected.

    We test.

    We grow.

  • We grow

    We grow.

    As a company, as a Community, as human beings - we grow every day. Our members help us by being WiFi-conscious and in turn, we're able to keep costs low, and help you stay two-steps ahead of the other guys with new technologies and features only found at Republic.

    We learn.

    What's next?

  • What's next?

    What's next?

    We haven't even begun to shake up the mobile industry. We are working hard every day to help you better stay in touch with the folks who matter most. From taking calls on your home computer, to helping you connect to WiFi more easily, and saving you even more on your monthly bill, we have lots to do and are super excited.

    We grow.

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Is Republic
Right For You?

We're lucky to provide service to amazing people. Check through the list below to see if you agree with how they think:

They follow “the one rule”.

Use WiFi first. It's good for our Community and good for your wallet. By using WiFi when it’s there, and cell when it's not, we're able to save you money and offer more coverage. We call it “reducing our cellular footprint.” Connect to trusted hotspots when you discover them and build your own network. Wireless service shouldn't be about committing to stay inside the lines. It's your phone. It's your service. Change the way it works.

When they need help they go online. Expand >

The answers to your most common questions or problems are provided on our website or within a post in the Community. If you can't find the answer you're looking for there, you can always submit a help ticket online or talk to someone on our live chat. Community >

When they learn something new, they share it. Expand >

If you have a question, chances are, someone else may be asking the same one. When our members solve something, they share their learnings with others. Open Mic >

When they have a good idea or input, they share it. Expand >

Sensing a theme here? Our members post their thoughts and ideas in our Think Tank. We innovate off of those ideas to bring you more value every day. How do we know? You helped us! Think Tank >

They are budget conscious. Expand >

Using more WiFi saves us money, which we pass straight on to you. Our best days are the ones when members tell us about being able to take their families to Disney World, send their kids to college, or just relax a bit more easily with one less bill to worry about. We spend our savings on the most important thing to us - you! Phone, Wallet, Keys >

They are a bit competitive. Expand >

Our members pride themselves on the amount of data they offload onto WiFi and brag about it to friends. Heck, a lot of them have switched the whole family over, and are on to telling the neighborhood.

They love android. Expand >

We want our members to love their phones and their service. With our selection of Android devices, the first and last thing you look at every day, can also be your favorite. We even have some satisfied iPhone converts!

Here are others who have decided that our service is right for them.

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If you purchase a new phone from Republic, we'll automatically assign a number based on your billing address zip code. If getting a new number won't work for you, please check back again soon to see if our availability has changed. We're always expanding our database of numbers available for transfer. Why won't my number transfer?

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