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Paying for data you don’t use is referred to as "breakage". Most people really dislike paying for things they don’t need or use. Ironically, every person who owns a smartphone overpays an average of $16 per month more than what they actually use. 1Traditionally, the wireless industry has used this "wireless waste" to subsidize the small percentage of customers who use extreme amounts of data. So, you end up having the majority of your customers paying for what the least amount of people use.

Our first project in Republic Labs, dubbed Maestro, helped us to better understand what we could change to solve this problem and make wireless plans better. Along with thousands of our members, we investigated new approaches to how customers are charged for data usage and experimented with new plans that pay you back for the cellular data you don’t use every month.

A seamless WiFi + Cell Network was just the beginning. And now, we have had the privilege to introduce the final product of our first lab the Republic Refund™ plan.


You're paying for it, and no one's telling you about it.

Here's What We Tested:

Lab Phone
  • Buy Data

    Get Paid Back

    Get paid back for the cell data that you don’t use every month.

  • Data Saver

    Track your usage

    Easily track your cellular data usage right in the Republic app and decide when you want more.

  • Buy Data

    Manage your cell data

    Take control of cell data in the Republic app - you decide which apps you want consuming data and when.

  • Change plan

    Change your plan

    Change your plans when your plans change - any time, right from the Republic app.

Your Cellular Data Saving Tools

We've told you we're working on a way to pay you back for the cell data you don't use, but we’re not stopping there! We’ve pulled together some of the best data saving tools to start setting you up for success.

Follow the tips and tricks below to get started and see how much you could save!

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8

Streaming Tips

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