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Salsa: Seamless Cell to WiFi Handover

Status: Complete

With the release of the Moto X (1st. Gen) back in 2013, we introduced our patented seamless WiFi to cell handover technology that changed the game in the wireless industry. With Salsa, we’re completing the circle to offer you even better call coverage, whether you’re moving from WiFi to cell or cell to WiFi.

It's as simple as this:
If you’re connected to a WiFi network, your phone will make calls over that network. As soon as you walk away from range of it, your call will seamlessly hand over to cellular when the phone recognizes that the cell tower has a better connection than the WiFi network. This way, you can continue your conversation without interruptions (this is nothing new for Republic).

But, what happens when you walk back into range of that WiFi network? Like during that commute home from work, when you walk back in your front door. Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone call could be handed right back onto WiFi for an even better connection?

Our second project in Republic Labs, dubbed Salsa, involved well over 1,000 Republic members who actively helped us investigate a new approach to seamlessly pass calls from WiFi to cell, and back from cell to WiFi, depending on which network the phone recognizes as having the better connection for a great, clear phone call.

Cell to WiFi

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