Porting Terms and Conditions

In order to transfer (port) your current telephone number(s) and service, Republic Wireless must work with your current service provider to ensure that your numbers are transferred properly. By providing the required personal information and completing this on-line porting process, you provide Republic Wireless with the authorization to initiate the process of transferring your telephone numbers to Republic Wireless.

By checking this box I explicitly authorize and request Republic Wireless or its designated agent to transfer (port) my current telephone number(s) indicated above from my current provider to Republic Wireless. I also authorize Republic Wireless or its designated agent to obtain billing information, customer service records, and other network information required to provide me with the Republic Wireless service. I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of any charges or fees which may apply to the transfer (port) of telephone numbers from my current service provider to Republic Wireless. I represent and warrant to Republic Wireless that I am the end user of the above telephone number(s), or an otherwise authorized representative of the end user, with the full legal authority and capacity to authorize this action. I understand that for various reasons it may not be possible for my number to be ported for use with the Republic Wireless service, and that porting-in support is provided on a best-efforts basis.