Calling all callers.

We’re out to build a Community characterized by better, more collaborative, more open and more trusting relationships with our members. For this to work, we’ll need your help.

What makes your phone community work?

Use the online self-service tools

Knowledge Center

Need to know how to transfer your number? Have a question about your device? Make this your first stop for in-depth information on the most commonly asked questions. Chances are, what you need is in here. Learn

Online Support

Wouldn’t you rather be online than on hold? If you can’t find what you need in the Knowledge Center, simply submit a support request and our team of in-the-know folks will get you the answers you need. Meet the team

Help your fellow members by sharing your knowledge

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is an invaluable repository of crowd-sourced know-how — and your chance to chat with newbies and super-users alike. Open mic

Social Think Tank

Head here to contribute your ideas about how to make the Republic a better place for all of us. Get other members to vote up your suggestions and we’ll try our best to make them happen. Suggest

Use the unlimited features of your plan responsibly.

Hear it straight from one of our members:
“I hope that Republic Wireless customers will recognize their social responsibility for the service. It is less costly to the company if individuals use it responsibly. If individuals are willing to answer other people’s questions. That’s less customer support, time and money needed. If individuals are willing to make more WiFi calls, that’s less cellular transmission that is costly."
- Josh, Republic Wireless Member