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We are innovative. We are passionate. We are real peopleWe are Republic Wireless.

Our Story

At Republic Wireless, we do things differently than most companies, because innovation is at the heart of who we are. We are wildly optimistic dreamers of the way things should be (even in industries like Wireless that are dominated by giant, decades-old incumbents with tens of billions of dollars of resources and little incentive to see change). So, in 2011, a small group of us - within a larger company which we’ve now spun out of (Bandwidth) - set out on a mission to see if we could deliver wireless service the way it should be...the way we wished it was as consumers ourselves. Specifically, we envisioned delivering remarkably simple and affordable wireless plans served with personal care from an honest and trustworthy company. No hidden fees or other surprises that most Americans still worry about even today when dealing with their wireless carrier.

To accomplish the “remarkably affordable” part of this vision, we knew we needed to unlock the power of “the People’s Network” (i.e. - their own WiFi) with our innovative software and pair that with the best nationwide cellular networks in the country. Almost 10 years later, we feel happy and blessed to share that through this technology innovation and by utilizing our award-winning online-first approach to support, we’ve been able to achieve our mission and save hundreds of thousands of our Republic Wireless members over $500 million on their cell phone bills while delivering them high quality honest service.

And, we’re not done yet. We continue to innovate and improve our service, including introducing new features such as spam blocking and home phone service at no added monthly cost, as well as expanding our offerings to serve other unmet family needs, such as providing a safer and simpler phone option for young kids and seniors which we call Relay.

We’re so thankful for the trust and support of all our members whom we feel honored to serve everyday, and rest assured we’ll continue to relentlessly pursue our mission of delivering remarkably simple and affordable ways for families to stay in touch for years to come.

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Our Journey

It all started with a hunch about WiFi...

November 8, 2011 Launch Day

After months of hard work following years of foundation building, Republic Wireless was ready to be officially launched into the world with what we expected to be a small “beta” test offering with the LG Optimus-S phone. Instead, to our surprise, we received five thousand orders within the first few hours and over 100,000 sign-ups, crashing our website, and far exceeding our wildest expectations.

Work Room

July 31, 2012 Waves of members

After a successful start with the Optimus-S, we improved our phone selection and quality by introducing the DEFY XT. Due to high demand, we rolled this out to groups of customers we affectionately called "waves" before making it fully available to everyone on November 19th.

Shipping Boxes

November 14, 2013 GA with the Moto X Launch

With two beta launches and a lot of learning under our belt, we were ready to make our service fully generally available and introduce our first flagship phone, the Moto X. This launch brought the highly requested functionality of MMS (Multimedia Messaging) to Republic along with the ability to seamlessly handover calls from WiFi to cell without missing a beat.

Moto X

July 2015 Realizing our tech vision with Project Salsa

Having mastered WiFi to cell handover, we were ready to complete the loop and realize our full tech vision for WiFi calling by allowing for cell to WiFi handover. Project Salsa was our testing initiative to perfect this feature and eliminate dead zones and dropped calls completely when around WiFi.

Project Salsa Logo

April 2016 Leveling Up With Bonded Calling

Beyond handover, our engineers had been hard at work developing a solution that would take the quality of our solution up to an even higher level, by catching dropped calls and quality degradations before they happened. We call this Bonded Calling and it really has leveled up the quality of our calling experience.

July 28, 2016 Expanding to Serve More Needs With Project Neptune

Wanting to address a broader range of needs from our existing and prospective members, we more than doubled our device portfolio by introducing several new phones from budget friendly options to flagship workhorses along with a new set of plans and a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option - all designed to be simple and flexible to fit any lifestyle.

Neptune Phone List

December 1, 2016 Independence Day

After over 5 wonderful years under our parent company, Bandwidth, it was time for us to leave the nest and become our own independent company. Following months of planning and preparations, we successfully spun out from Bandwidth and Republic Wireless, Inc. was born.

RW Team 2016

June 2017 More Innovation With Republic Anywhere

Knowing our members don’t want to be glued to their phones all day, we developed and launched a new messaging app, Republic Anywhere, that allowed Republic members to use their phone, computer, or tablet to send SMS and MMS messages from - you guessed it - anywhere!

Anywhere Screens

May 14, 2018 Meeting Unmet Family Needs With Relay

For years, we had been working on a new project that would change the way families stay connected, particularly young kids and seniors. We launched our new product, Relay, which hit the market as a smartphone alternative for children and seniors better meeting their unique communication needs. Learn more...

Relay by Republic

May 9, 2019 More Savings Through Annual Plans

To save our members even more on their cell phone bill, we introduced our annual plans, allowing members to pay for a year of service up front for an even bigger savings. See all our plans...

Annual Plans Icon

August 15, 2019 Going Beyond Mobile With Extend Home

Staying true to our history of solving communication dilemmas, we introduced a new solution that allowed members to use their Republic phone number with traditional home phone systems. We offered our new Extend Home feature to members on our My Choice plans at no additional monthly cost so they can save even more money. Learn more...

Extend Home

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Our innovative approach to cell phone service and low monthly cost are great for value-seekers looking to get the most for their dollar and save for the more important things in life. 

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This Republic family paid off their debt and are now saving for their son's college fund!

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This couple used their Republic Wireless phones over WiFi when traveling overseas.

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This couple uses their savings to enjoy spending time together doing what they love.

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