Your family’s all-in-one tech solution by Asurion Home+

Introducing our partnership with Asurion Home+. Get protection and support for all the tech under your roof for just $25/month.

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Asurion Home+ members get:

- Coverage on home tech

- Easy repairs or replacements 

- 24/7 support for the whole family

Asurion Home+ covers all the tech under your roof

No matter where you bought your home tech, Asurion Home+ covers it with one easy plan.

- TVs
- Laptops, tablets and computers
- Routers and WiFi equipment
- Smart watches
- Premium headphones
- And more!

See everything Asurion Home+ covers at They cover your old tech and future purchases automatically!

Painless repairs and replacements

With Asurion Home+ if something breaks, they’ll fix it. If they can’t fix it, they’ll replace it or reimburse you. They'll never ask you to keep track of receipts or registration forms, and your coverage never expires as long as you're enrolled in Asurion Home+. It’s that simple. 

Expert help for the whole family

Whether your family is down the hall, or across the country, Asurion Home+ Experts are available to help everyone on your plan – you, your kids, even your parents. From device setup and troubleshooting to learning more about their network, devices and subscriptions, they're there to help.