Compatible Phones

The following phones are compatible with Republic Wireless service.

All of our approved phones go through rigorous testing to ensure your phone works with our service. Please be sure to confirm your phone’s model number and build number, if applicable, to ensure your phone will be compatible with our service. To check compatibility, select your phone from the list below.

If you already know your phone is compatible, buy your SIM card kit now.

Phone Brand and Model:

Alcatel A30
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a XL
Huawei Ascend 5W
LG K30
Motorola moto e⁴
Motorola moto e⁴ plus
Motorola moto e⁵ play
Motorola moto g⁴
Motorola moto g⁴ play
Motorola moto g⁴ plus
Motorola moto g⁵ plus
Motorola moto g⁵ˢ plus
Motorola moto g⁶
Motorola moto g⁶ play
Motorola moto g⁷
Motorola moto g⁷ play
Motorola moto g⁷ power
Motorola moto x pure edition
Motorola moto x⁴
Motorola moto z
Motorola moto z play
Motorola moto z² play
Motorola moto z³ play
Nexus 5X by LG
Nexus 6 by Motorola
Nexus 6P by Huawei
Samsung Galaxy A6
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10e 

Note: Only the North American Factory Unlocked version of the above phones is supported. If your phone is carrier branded, it is not currently compatible with Republic Wireless. Additionally, all Motorola phones need to be on the RETUS, AMZ, or FI software channel for compatibility. Any other software channel cannot be activated or used with our service at this time. To find the software channel on your Motorola phone please follow these steps.


If you already know your phone is compatible, buy a SIM card.