Republic Wireless Legal Information

New Area Code in the Greater Denver, CO area

Important information about the new Denver, Co area code change.


Terms and Conditions

Learn about our membership agreement.


911 and E911 Service Limitations

Important information about 911 and E911 service.


Anywhere Terms and Conditions

Learn about our terms and conditions related to Anywhere.


Do Not Contact

Learn how you can choose to receive or not receive certain calls, texts, email or mail from us.


Bankruptcy Contact Notice

If you have declared bankruptcy, please direct any correspondence for us to this address.


Caller Identification Policy

Learn about how your name, mobile number, or other personal information appear.


CPNI Information

Read this to understand what CPNI means and the rights provided to you.


Money Back Guarantee

Information on return policy and procedures for phones and accessories.


Location Based Services

Your wireless device can determine your location. See how this info is used.


Privacy Policy

Read this if you want to know what we are doing to protect your privacy as a member.


Acceptable Use Policy

Learn about what is acceptable use as a Republic Wireless community member.


Terms of Use (Website)

Learn about what you are agreeing to as a member when you use our website.