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The average Republic Refund™ plan trial participant paid just $13.82 last month.1
We've taken all the thinking and worry out of cell phone plans, because now they fit you.

"What else can I say — best of both worlds: Low bills and cell data available on demand!"

- Republic member,

More to tap into.

Everyone uses lots of data. We help you save money by using more of it on WiFi.

Seamless coverage

Seamless coverage in more places with WiFi + Cell.

Limitless WiFi data

Limitless WiFi data. Cell data on-demand. Never any "going over."


Includes talk and text while roaming.

International over WiFi

Calls back to the U.S. anywhere there's WiFi (even internationally where permitted)

Get paid back for what you don't use.

Choose a monthly plan

Choose a recurring monthly plan that best fits your needs.

Talk and text

Talk and text to your heart's content.

Add 4G

Add 4G cell data2 on-demand whenever you need it.

Get paid back

At the end of the month, we'll pay you back for however much cell data you didn't use. Like, in money. Actual dollars credited back to your account.

It's a Refund - just for using more WIFi.

Neat huh?

A plan sized just for you.

Oh, and no contracts, overages, or hidden fees.

The refund plan

Our Refund Plan

WiFiOver WiFi

CellOver Cell

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Choose your Data

For all of this, the average Republic Refund™ plan trial participant paid just $13.82 last month.1

What would I pay with republic?

Tell us your monthly Cell data usage and we'll calculate how much you'd pay. Remember, WiFi data is free.

{{ dial.usage.toFixed(1) }}GB

Avg. Plan Trial Participant 0.33 GB

Member average
Republic Refund Base Plan:
Cell Talk & Text + WiFi data + Option to buy on-demand cell data
${{ advisor.basePrice.toFixed(2) }}
{{ advisor.baseData.toFixed(1) }} GB On-Net Cell Data Package:
${{ advisor.dataPrice|fifties }}
Monthly Charges:
${{ advisor.monthlyPrice|fifties }}
Estimated Republic Refund™:
For {{ advisor.unusedData.toFixed(1) }} GB of Unused cell data. Assumes no roaming cell data used. 1MB roaming = 18.3 MB of cell data. i x In the context of a gas tank, using roaming cell data is like stomping on the accelerator. With Republic Refund plans, on-net and roaming cell data are both available and count towards your overall Cell Data usage total. However, roaming is calculated at 18.3 times as much as on-net cell data to accommodate for how expensive roaming data is. (For example, 1 MB of roaming cell data will equal 18.3 MB of on-net cell data for purposes of the Republic Refund calculation.) For more information click here.
$-{{ advisor.refund|fifties }}
Estimated Payment:
${{ advisor.estimated|fifties }}

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No overages or hidden fees here! Here's an explanation of the only taxes and fees you can expect to see on your monthly service bill.

Looking for info on Republic Beta Plans or Republic Plans 1.0? Find it here.

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Engineered to save.

There's no wrong way to stay connected. Our app and tools will help guide you along the way, to make saving on your monthly bill as easy as possible. Have as much (or as little) control as you need, so you can use your phone how you want.

At-A-Glance Data Tracking

Easily keep tabs on both your Cell and WiFi data usage with real-time tracking right in the Republic app.

Data tracking
Swipeable Data Controls

A swipe here, a toggle there - managing data has never been easier. Choose which apps get to use cell data, or switch them to WiFi only to help you save.

Learn more Data controls
On-Demand Cell Data

Need more cell data mid-month? No problem. Instantly add a-la-carte data to your account, right in the Republic app. Any cell data left at the end of your billing period will be converted to a Republic Refund™ and applied to your next month’s bill. Oh, and there are no crazy price hikes or overage fees.

See this in action On demand data
Easy Account Management

See every line and get all the info you need to manage your entire account right from your Republic app.

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No Surprise Billing

Surprises are for birthdays and anniversaries -- not your cell phone bill. With a powerful app and intelligent notifications, you’ll have the information you need at-a-glance, so you'll never have to wonder where you stand.

No surprise billing
App features
Data tracking
Data controls
On demand data
Account management
No surprise billing