Unlimited smartphone from Republic Wireless gets even better: New Republic Wireless Wi-Fi+ app makes it easier than ever to log-into public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Get unlimited data and save money with the nation’s cheapest smartphone plan. The nation’s first hybrid cellular and Wi-Fi unlimited smartphone from Republic Wireless integrates Devicescape technology for automatic log-in to public hotspots.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

Republic Wireless, the nation’s first hybrid Wi-Fi and cellular smartphone service with unlimited data, talk and text, announces a lower cost Motorola DEFY XT for $99 with a no-contract $29 a month service plan. The company will continue to offer its popular $19 a month service plan, with a $249 Motorola DEFY XT.

“Consumers spoke, and we listened. It’s that simple,” says David Morken co-founder and president of Bandwidth, parent of Republic Wireless. “People love Republic and the tremendous savings we offer consumers, but the upfront $249 price point for the Motorola DEFT XT was cost-prohibitive for some. Today’s announcement provides the option for shoppers to save now with a lower price for the phone, or save over time with a lower monthly cost for service.

When compared to similar unlimited plans from leading national wireless carriers, over the same two years, Republic Wireless offers a family of three significant savings:

Save on the plan: With the Republic Wireless $19 a month service plan, a family of three will save an average of $2,715 over two years (based on service of $19 a month and three Motorola DEFY XT’s at $249). Save on the phone: With Republic’s $29 a month service plan, a family of three will save an average of $2,445 over two years (based on service of $29 a month and three Motorola DEFY XT’s at $99). “Many of our customers told us they wanted to buy a second line for their spouse, kids or grandparents. With our new pricing option, that’s possible. And for the consumer who wants additional smartphone choices – we are working to bring additional devices to our service later this year. In the meantime, consumers who are in the market for a new smartphone today can start saving now,” Morken adds.

Republic Wireless rocked the wireless industry in 2011 when it debuted the country’s cheapest smartphone plan at $19 per month for talking, texting and truly unlimited data.

“In today’s challenging economy, there is no reason the monthly cell phone bill should be one of the highest household expenses,” Morken adds.

Republic Wireless is ushering in a new way for wireless to work by de-coupling the smartphone from its total dependence on expensive cellular networks by adding the ability to use both Wi-Fi and cellular to make phone calls, send text message and surf the web. As a result, the company can offer the lowest cost smartphone plans in the nation.

Anyone that purchases a Motorola DEFY XT between today and 3/18/13 will receive a $50 Google Play store credit to use on music, movies, books, apps and more.

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