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Why WiFi?

By leaning on WiFi, instead of expensive cell phone carriers, we’re able to save money, and in turn, pass that savings right back to you. More coverage on WiFi, means more savings and a lower monthly phone bill.

WiFi is everywhere you are... your home, work, the coffee shop. It’s also the fastest available network and can be accessed in places cell can’t always reach - like the basement or elevator. Unlike other phones, we unlock the ability to use WiFi, not just for Internet, but for calls and texts too.

The result is a very affordable way to expand your coverage - wherever life happens to take you.

And, we're taking our WiFi Calling to the next level with Adaptive Coverage® - enabled with Bonded Calling

We do what no other carrier does. Our Adaptive Coverage® technology, enabled with Bonded Calling®, actually senses the quality of your phone’s connectivity over WiFi and uses available cellular data as back up to fill in any gaps in your conversation. The result is fewer interruptions, even if your WiFi connection fades as you move around. Oh, and cellular voice roaming is always included.

Walk and Talk

So how do we do it?

Beyond Just Towers

Most carriers just add more cell towers to get more coverage. And, they only let you use 3G, 4G, or WiFi one at a time. Kind of like only being able to drive in one single lane on the highway every day.

A Better Way to Connect

With Republic, our Adaptive Coverage® technology, enabled with Bonded Calling®, will automatically blend your calls over available WiFi and your phone’s cellular data networks together for more consistent coverage in more places. No choosing lanes. We give you the entire open road.

Service with a Safety Net

Every time you make a call, we send thousands upon thousands of tiny data packets over the audio stream, every few milliseconds, as backup.

Catching Dropped Calls Before They Happen

If a quality issue is detected, we “patch” the call with one of your phone’s other data networks before your ear even hears it.

Voice Roaming Included

If you move out of range of WiFi, we’ll seamlessly switch your call to cell until you’re back around WiFi again. If your cell signal is bad too, we include roaming over hundreds of voice roaming partners.

We're using technology in smarter ways to save you money & help you talk better. This is more than just WiFi Calling, this is the next generation. This is Bonded Calling.

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WiFi Calling

With WiFi calling, your voice travels through data packets via your WiFi connection instead of across traditional cell voice networks. This allows you to make calls in places cell can’t reach, like an elevator or a basement.

Connect to trusted WiFi hotspots when you discover them and build your network.

Cell Data Network

The 3G or 4G lte cell data connection is the Internet connection that smartphones use to surf the web or download pictures.

This connection is similar to a WiFi connection, but uses cell towers to let you surf instead of WiFi access points.

Cell data connections, just like WiFi connections, can be used to send the voice packets required to make up a phone call.

Cell Voice Network

The cell voice network is used for traditional voice calls and is the network to which we hand over your call when you are no longer in range of WiFi.

Once you are in range of a trusted WiFi hotspot again, we pass your call back to WiFi and look for 3G and 4G lte connections to boost audio quality if the WiFi connection loses signal strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Internet speed do I need to make WiFi calls?

You need about 80kbps both ways to hold a call. Streaming video or downloading large files all use bandwidth, so your mileage may vary if you receive calls and watch Netflix at the same time.

How can I make sure that I am connected to WiFi all the time?

First, make sure you set up your phone to access the WiFi networks you use most. Your phone will remember those networks and connect to them automatically. Many public hotspots don’t require any password at all. But for those that do, you’ll need to set them up on your first visit.

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